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Miss Heather Fay Biography: Make way for Heather Fay! Heather Fay is on her way to leave her mark in the pop/r&b circuit! She has been working on multiple original songs to release for this upcoming year. Heather has a unique yet clever style and tone that sets her apart from the rest. Singing, writing, and playing the piano are just a few of the things that this multi-talented beauty can do. Outside of the music she also designs and makes clothes. Many of which you can see on her Instagram page www.instagram.com/iamheatherfay or her website www.iamheatherfay.com. Creating trendy music and fashion are a few of many ways she showcases her creative talents. She has a love for creating and a passion for independence which makes her an unstoppable force in todays industry. This independent powerhouse coming out of the Midwest is ready to make some noise this upcoming year. For more information follow: https://www.instagram.com/iamheatherfay http://iamheatherfay.com