HeartBeat Fall 2017 - Page 23

NIVENS’ NOTES Greetings from the Board Room: I made a six hour plus trip to view the recent eclipse. Later I wondered how cost effective it was to invest that much time in less than 3 minutes of darkness. I readily admit to having planned this for several weeks and don’t mean to sound like I have regrets. The eclipse was a different, almost eerie, experience and the time spent with friends made the trip worthwhile. The pasture and weeds that needed mowing when I left were still there when I got home. I often think I don’t get far from home and I suppose “far” is a relative term. This summer, I spent a few days in the Farmington and Sainte Genevieve area of the state. Enjoyed seeing the historical sites, visiting with former FCS Financial board members and old friends. I made a trip to the state fair for the FCS Financial customer appreciation day. I’ll have to admit, I very much enjoyed the visits with the membership and employees more than the fair itself. The most recent few days away from home was at an FCS Financial board meeting. The meeting was held in St. Louis and in conjunction with Farm Credit Illinois. After recent mergers within the AgriBank district, FCS Financial and Farm Credit Illinois find ourselves the only similar sized organizations in the district with five associations considerably larger and seven much smaller. The dynamics of the AgriBank governance may well change. An advisory committee of association members is being put together to examine the current AgriBank structure that was designed nearly 30 years ago. A joint meeting and interaction with another association certainly provides more perspective. It also offers an opportunity to attract speakers and panel members who have a diverse look at the entire Farm Credit System. We heard presentations from the Farm Credit Administration, Farm Credit Council and the Funding Corporation. Each provided their outlook and priorities for the future. There was an opportunity to compare AgriBank with AgFirst funding bank in the eastern side of the country. AgriBank’s priority is to simply provide funding to the associations and AgFirst provides a complete menu of services. Four association CEO’s representing western North Carolina, central California, and two from the AgriBank district encompassing at least parts of seven states were present. A very diverse group, each adamant that they served their marketplace. After considering the various perspectives, I came home satisfied with the position of FCS Financial. Earnings and James Nivens, Chairman of the Board capital positi &R7G&rFVƖVV6W2&R7W'&6prB7&VFBVƗGfW'&W7V7F&R66FW&p6FG&6W2FPfW'FV"bFV6Ɩrf&Ц6RFR766FfG0G6Vbf6ǒ&W&VBF6FVRFvVFW"B&7W FRrV6גBVW"V&W'2FFR6R#r2vV"&WGFW"FvRF6FVBFFP766F( 27V66W722V6V@'FR6WFB&ƗGbW V&W'6FFW7BFFPG֖727W'&VFrW2g&ЦF6F2FR6֖rV FW6( BffW"&V&VBf&Ц6RbR6VR77VW2FR&F( BvBFv&vFW"d52f6&fW762FfB&&V2ࠒ&W7Bv6W2f"&VFgVB6fR'fW7BऄT%D$TBd#p#