Heart Home magazine Issue 12 August 2014 - Page 49

1930’s composition dolls heads. We placed one in a Victorian taxidermy dome and literally had people running away in terror! But then the next customer fell in love with them and bought them all!  We quite like to push boundaries, to surprise and delight,” they explain. The girls admit that one day they’d love to open another store, however they’d need to find another suitably unique location. At the moment they are working hard on their online store, which will be opening soon. But for now, Hollie admits, “really we couldn’t be happier with our small and simple set up, it is all pretty perfect, we pinch ourselves It’s no surprise then the shop’s interior, which they every day.” overhaul regularly, is full of quirky touches. “At the moment we have suspended vintage apothecary www.thebottomstable.co.uk bottles from the ancient beams and filled them with wild spring flowers from the fields. Not for sale... just because!  We love a bit of set dressing.”