Heart Home magazine Issue 12 August 2014 - Page 29

“The first time I ever saw Brook Cottage, it was plain to me that it was a perfect country cottage, and never since have I felt anything different.” There can be little more pleasing than the sight of rosebuds adorning the walls of this country bathroom. As with the rest of the house, the pervading freshness is key, with white as the dominant tone. But, unlike most bathrooms, visitors will find nothing sterile here.There is plenty to look at, from the antique bath stand stacked with fresh towels to the framed landscapes on the walls. Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt is published by CICO Books at £25.00, and available from all good bookshops. Alternatively, please call 01256302699 quoting GLR 9OI to purchase a copy at the special price of £18.00 including free p&p.   For further information, please visit www.cicobooks.co.uk 29