Heart Home magazine Issue 12 August 2014 - Page 26

This was the apotheosis of the fantasy lifestyle that she had, for so long, promoted in the magazine. The departure – both physically and symbolically – represented a marked transition, in the exchange of not only the single life for the married, but also of the urban for the bucolic. While it was neither deliberate nor conscious at the time, the trade-in of Vogue House for something more deep-rooted and resonant in the rolling Somerset hills would ultimately reangle the spotlight, training it in the direction of her own home. Cabbages & Roses would, after all, one day emerge as the very expression of her life at Brook Cottage. The kitchen – in Christina’s words, the “hub of the house” – was once the parlour. The exchange of the two rooms makes perfect sense, with its large table, the kitchen is now sizeable enough to accommodate friends and family.