Heart Home magazine Issue 12 August 2014 - Page 20

“When moving into a historic building it’s best to think of yourself as a temporary curator rather than the owner” Nick’s approach to refurbishing the amazing space in which he lives by using entirely recycled items and materials is not only creative and budget conscious, substituting imagination for a blank chequebook, but as a happy by-product it is also incredibly eco-friendly and impossible to imitate, making it closer to a giant work of art than an interior. 20 “This will always be a work in progress,” muses Nick. “But I regard my role here more as that of a privileged curator than a resident and I think refitting and furnishing the property with old found objects was exactly the right choice. What I want most for this place is longevity, and you realise when your working with and incorporating items from a previous era that objects, no matter how small or modest their function, were actually crafted and made to last.”