Heart Home magazine Issue 12 August 2014 - Page 17

“Pretty much everything in here has been bought for a pittance as scrap or salvage, or picked up for next to nothing at auction,” he explains. “In fact, apart from the iron spiral staircase that now leads to the mezzanine bedroom deck above the main living space, which I bought on eBay for a couple of hundred pounds, I don’t think there’s an item of furniture or fitting in here that cost more than £20 or £30. The bathroom is fitted with a reclaimed sink and the shower I made myself from old boiler parts and clad in reclaimed tiles I’ve simply re-cut to fit the space. It’s the same with the units I hand made for the kitchen. There I used more of the same tiles along with zinc reclaimed from the roof for many of the cupboard door panels. I find a lot of these materials in northern France and I do a tour every year of the architectural salvage and scrap yards there, along with the vides grenieres, which are a particular kind of clearance sale they have, and some of the larger car-boot sales – everything you can see in here from the light fittings to the cupboard handles has been sourced from one of those places.” 17