Healthy Magazine Healthy RGV Issue 117 - Page 36

FITNESS & BEAUTY · AUGUST 2018 EXERCISE ON THE GO It doesn’t matter if you already exercise, if you are just starting out or simply thinking about it, the concerns are the same: what to do when things come up and you have to change your routine. You are left wondering how to make time for or start your exercise regimen. Y ou don’t need to stop working out or be stressed about how to maintain your workout routine when out of town for business or vacation. Many exercises only require that you use your body weight and many exercise props can be taken in your luggage, as they are light and don’t take up much space. ANYTIME Embracing exercise as part of your lifestyle means that you always make time for it. It becomes a good habit. It is better to do a little than nothing at all, so it doesn’t matter how much time you have available. And it’s advisable to invest in a session with a personal trainer to learn the proper form and execution of your chosen exercise, as it will help prevent injuries and make your workout more effective. Warming up and stretching are necessary components before starting an exercise routine. Good and easy examples of warm ups are marching in place, walking and jumping rope. And always finish your routine with a stretch. Use your time wisely. For example, if you only have 10 minutes, work the body part that demands the most attention. If you find more time, work other areas. ANYWHERE Adopt a routine that can be done indoors and outdoors, is flexible, can become more challenging as you train and has an increasable level of difficulty. Exercise preference is personal, so find the one that will keep you looking forward to it; this way, you will not get bored with working out. ™ ™ Dumb bells – Once at your destination, If you find that you’re losing interest, find inspiration in magazines, exercise and fitness books, training DVDs, cellpho )хЁ̰eQՉ٥̰ь ɥ̸1ȁ܁ɽ́Ѽ)مɥ䁅Ѽȁɽѥ)Q!AI=ALe=T) 8Q-]%Q e=T) ܁ɔͽɍ͔ɽ́ԁ)͔ݡɔ5ЁѡݥѠ)ЁȁY͡ݥɕЁ́)ɍ͔+ d dQIc MͥQɅL%Ё)䁙ٽɥѕ̸%Ё́ѽх)ݽɭЁͥȁݸݕ)͕́ё̰)Ёٕ́ݥѠȁѕȸ+ d dѥ̃LQݽɬݥѠ)ɕͥхɽЁѼ䰁)مɥ䁽展̸+ d d)յɽLȁ݅ɴ)+ d dAѕ́͵L%Ёє)ɅٕѕݥѡЁյ%)́ɕȁɔɕѠ))Ёݼ݅ѕȁȁ́ɥ)ѱ́ݥѠեɥȁͅ)9܁ԁɔɕѼɍ͔ѡ)ѥݡɔ9ɔ̸͕)ɍ͔́ѡЁȁѡ)ѡ䁅ѡͽհ) Ʌ饱ɸULɅ)ɄMѽ)ٕ́Ȁԁ啅́ɥѡѹ)ɕḾѡɕՕ)ՍѽȁЁѹ͕́́ɽ)ѡ ɥMѠɥѡUL)Mѽ́́ݽɭՉ̰ɕͽ)́ɕѕȁ5́ݕٕ͕́)ЁѡЀԁ啅́́ѹ)ɕѽȁٕٕͥɽɅ́)͕́ȁѠՉ̸Ḿمɥ)ѥѥ́ȁɽѹ́ͽ)ɅḾѹ́ձхаѥ)ѥЀQ-ݽɥɥ́)Ʌ锁ѥи%ѥMѽ́́ѥ)AхȁAѕ̀ɼIɵȰAѕ)5аݥѠɽ̤͕)5́ѥiյՍѽȸ)Mѽ́́ѡɕѽȁٽѥ )QɅЁ́ͥ)ѡ䁱屔ȁѡ䁅)ͽհ) )ɄMѽ(؁!1Q!d5i%9