Healthy Magazine Healthy RGV Issue 117 - Page 28

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE · AUGUST 2018 MOVING WITH PARKINSON’S R esearch shows that a combined focus on medical management and intensive rehabilitation can dramatically improve function and quality of life in individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. Asuaje says the key is to do activities that challenge the heart and lungs. “Choose exercises that continuously change tempo, activity, and direction so that your body can be constantly moving and shifting in different ways,” he says. “One of the most important things to do while living with Parkinson’s disease is to stay active and engaged in some sort of physical therapy,” says Dr. Juan Asuaje, Medical Director of Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation. “The biggest challenges faced by those living with Parkinson’s disease are movement, balance, speech, and depression. Staying physically active when living with the disease may help to address these challenges.” Some activities that offer this type of movement include: • Couples • Tai chi dancing - like • Yoga the tango or • Water the waltz aerobics • Boxing • Walking classes • Hiking In addition, Asuaje stresses that medication compliance and timing also helps with movement in Parkinson’s patients. 28 HEALTHY MAGAZINE “At Medical Director of Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation, we monitor medications closely so we can increase the amount of time medications are working well, allowing Parkinson’s patients to move and function easier,” Asuaje says. “By doing this, and by having patients aware of the most beneficial times to take their medications, mobility can be enhanced which leads to incre ͕)əɵٕ呅䁅ѥ٥ѥ̻t)Q9ѥ%ѥѕ́!Ѡ́͡٥Ѽ)՝ЁѡЁݥѠѥ́ɕձ́)ȁɕ͔ѼѡɅ䁅ٕɕ͔ɕ)ɕЁѠɔ̸+q%ӊéݼɽɽЁ)хЃLٕЁѥtՅ)̸ͅq 䁙ͥѠѽѡȰ٥Յ́ݥѠ)Aɭͽé͕͔ЁѼɽٔѡ)ٕаٕɅՅ彘