Healthy Magazine Healthy RGV Issue 117 - Page 24

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE · AUGUST 2018 5 STEPS FOR A PURPOSEFUL MORNING RITUAL M orning rituals are a hot topic at the moment. People are beginning to come around to the idea that the earlier you rise, the more purposeful and productive your days can be. I used to be a night owl. I always believed that I was most productive at night, but the truth was that I felt busy all day (not productive) and by the time the kids would be in bed I’d be whipped and nearly ready for bed myself. The single most transformative thing I did was to start getting up earlier. It has literally changed my life! One question I get quite frequently is "What do you do when you get up early?" So I want to take the time to share my current ritual with you. Over the last few years my life has shifted, like everyone’s does, and I’ve tweaked and changed my routine as I’ve found suits my life best. For instance, back when my husband was still working his 9-to-5, I had to get up early in order to get any work done. Everything in my business was relying on me because I did not have the income to support a team. Once Brian was home, I still found it very difficult to write while the kids were around, so I started getting up early to write. I’d knock out 1,000 to 2,000 words before their sweet little heads would rise from the pillow. However, I am now in a season of life when I still want to wake up early, but I can now use it for dedicated self-care time. Over time, this is how I've condensed my morning ritual down to a science that works really well for me. 24 HEALTHY MAGAZINE I want to share ЁݥѠ׊Qѕ܁$)а܁Ёх́܁$Ё)ٕ䁵ɹQ́ѡЁЁݥɔ)ѼхѥɕѥѡɹѡЁ)ͥɔ()5- =)9PEU%P)$䁝ЁЁݕ)ѡٕ䁙Ёѡ$́)]ӊéɕݥ$ЁեЁ)ͥЁݸѡȰݡ́Ѽ)ѕɕ)$́ѡѡ́ɽչѡ)ͥ܁ѡ́Ѽхє(QЁЁ́Ս͵ͥ)䁙ȁȁ剔ѡ͵ѡ)'eٔЁȁѡɅѡɕ$ͥ)Ё䁵݅ȸѕȁ܁ѕ̰́$)܁ѡѥѼѼхѥ