Healthy Magazine Healthy RGV Issue 117 - Page 19

Nurul Wahid, MD Medical Oncology/Hematology Dr. Wahid was fellowship-trained in medical oncology and hematology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. He is board certified in Hematology and Oncology. He has been recognized as Physician of the Year at Rio Grande State Center in Harlingen where he has served as senior attending physician for the past 13 years. Rogelio Salinas, MD Radiation Oncology Dr. Salinas is a board-certified radiation oncologist. He completed his residency training at Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center in New York followed by his fellowship at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Joseph Litam, MD Medical Oncology/Hematology Dr. Litam was fellowship-trained at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He is well known in the community and was in private practice for 27 years before joining Texas Oncology. He has special interest in treating solid tumors. Benjamin West, MD Radiation Oncology Dr. West is board-certified radiation oncologist. He was physicist prior to becoming a physician. Phoebe Verano, RN, FNP-BC Nurse Practitioner Phoebe Cepeda Verano is a certified Family Nurse Practioner, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, who received her Masters degree at the University of Texas- Pan American (UTPA) in 2013. She has more than 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, most of it in an adult critical care setting. As a nurse practitioner, she has the compassion to be a part of a patient’s journey through cancer care and believes that patient education is an important first step following diagnosis and treatment plan development. “I am committed to preparing cancer patients for their journeys and assuring they know that we are always here to support them.” Cristelita Parrocho, RN, BSN,CCRN,MSN,FNP-C Nurse Practicioner Cristy graduated as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Charles R. Drew Universit bVF6RB66V6R6Ɩf&6R266W'FVBGVB7&F66&R&Vv7FW&VBW'6R&Vf&RrFW26w4V6Rv27FƗ7BvF2VF6&R( 66W"2''WF'WB&VƖWfRfrB7GVǒfVVƖrvRP6&Rf"FW6RFVG2v6Vr'&rW7V6RFRF&W7BVG2bFV"ƗfW2B2@rV6FR'WBrV6fRRWBFB( Ф4V6WF&B7G&VWB4VFW2sS2SbcrSSdSbcrSC`wwrFW46w6