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January 2019 - Volume XVII, Issue 1 How to Make (and Really Keep) Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions Cool Blogs, Sites & Online Resources to Check Out! At the start of every year many people wonder how to keep the New Year's resolutions they've set. (Sometimes it seems like resolutions are just meant to be broken.) So here are 9 great tips for making and keeping your 2019 New Year’s Resolution better than you ever have before. An Amazing & Free Website to Visit This Month: “Unsplash” . This is an awesome site with beautiful FREE photos that have been gifted by the world’s most generous community of 1. Make smaller & specific resolutions. Don’t make resolutions too big because that could set you up for failure. Set smaller specific ones you can really achieve. 2. Write them down. “A goal unwritten is only a wish.” Those who write down their resolutions have a much higher chance of accomplishing them. 3. Tell others of your resolutions. We're more likely to achieve our resolutions when we make them public. You can share with friends, family and/or in social media. Accountability to someone else is a good thing. 4. Make a plan. Your resolution should never just be another to-do list item. Make a plan to succeed. 5. Tweak if necessary. Feel free to tweak the goal if you need to. Look at your lifestyle and revise your goals to make sure they really fit in as you go. 6. Celebrate small successes. If your focus is just on the full achievement, you may feel discouraged and quit. Be sure to recognize your smaller successes along the way. 7. It’s about progress, not perfection (get back on track). If you falter, know that you're in good company: 75 percent of resolution makers slip up within the first two months. A slip-up doesn’t mean it’s over. Get back on track. You don’t have to be perfect, just progressing. 8. Keep doing what works. Once your behavior starts to feel routine, it's easy to assume you have this in the bag and can let down your guard. Keep doing whatever you're doing that’s working. Don’t let up. 9. Believe you can do this. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you're right.” Believe you're capable of changing, and then get busy to make it happen. Learn more about us on our Website photographers. Every photo published on is licensed under Creative Commons Zero , which provides users with the freedom to copy, modify, distribute, and use all of the photos without permissions or attribution…for FREE! You’ll love the uniqueness of the photos. With pages upon pages to view, you have thousands of images to admire & choose from. In fact, the photo of a fireworks display in the story to the left is from ©2019 Piranha Marketing, Inc.