Healthy Home Newsletter June 2017 - Volume XV, Issue 6

June 2017 - Volume XV, Issue 6 “Your Safe Summer is Here!” June kicks off the start of summer, kids are out of school, and if you are lucky, a family vacation is on your calendar. For some families, that adventure is a road trip either across provinces, or across the country. Either way, it is best to ensure that your car is in top shape. Cool Blogs, Sites & Online Resources to Check Out! Shared here from Consumer Reports are the best tips to make sure you are Road Trip Ready: 1. Schedule a checkup. Perform basic maintenance on your vehicle before you head out such as checking wipers and fluid levels. Also, schedule any necessary service such as oil changes or tune-ups. 2. Stay charged. Check your battery to make sure it’s strong and has clean terminals: 3. Read the rubber. Inspect your tires for any tears or bulges in the side- wall. The tires should have a good amount of tread left. Make sure the tire pressures are set to the figures that are printed on the placard on the driver’s door jam, or what’s listed in your car’s owner’s manual 4. Give it a break. Have your service station inspect your car’s brake pads to make sure they aren’t worn or need replacing. 5. Be prepared. Bring supplies in the event of an accident or medical issue. Stock your car with an emergency kit—especially a flashlight, blanket, first-aid kit, and some basic tools. 6. Pack smart. Check your vehicle’s load capacity to make sure you aren’t putting too much weight in the car. On most new cars, the total weight you can carry is printed on the door placard inside the driver’s door jam. Roof- top cargo boxes should only be filled with light bulky items 7. Track it. A portable GPS navigation system will help you get where you’re going, making it easy to find gas stations or restaurants along the way. Traffic-enabled devices can warn of roadway congestion, and all units can assist in finding an alternate route. 8. Kid prep. If you’re driving with kids, make sure you pack enough snacks, water, games, videos, and music to keep them comfortable and occupied during your journey. 9. Be patient. During busy travel times expect to hit traffic. It may make sense to drive late at night or early in the morning to avoid the rush and ensure you get to your destination on time and with minimal stress. 10. Be safe. Make sure you are driving safely and follow the rules of the road. Cool websites! Are you a movie maniac, with not being able to find something cool and interesting to watch always? This website provides you with “Staff Picks” and “Random Suggestions” to find the next best movie to watch. Want to play a Piano? No problem! This website lets you play the Piano strings by hitting keys on your keyboard. You can play some of the most famous tunes on this web app. Play famous music without worrying about the notes and keys! Hemingway App, named after the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, is basically a free grammar and error checking tool to improve your writing significantly. Get rid of those clichés and improper adverbial usage with this web app. FREE NEWSLETTERS If you enjoyed this Newsletter and want to see more like it, you or a friend can sign up for our Newsletter subscription. It’s Free , with great articles, ideas and offers. It also has our monthly trivia contest, where every month you have the chance to win a movie night for two! Go to: “Like” us at www.Facebook/PCSNiagara! - home-newsletter/ ©2017 Piranha Marketing, Inc.