Healthy Home Newsletter October 2013 - Volume XVII, Issue 10

October 2013 - Volume XVII, Issue 10 Get Free Cleaning Tips and Specials at our Website www. and! October 2013 - Volume XVII, Issue 10 Owners: Len Hume & Annette Marchionda Follow us on twitter @HlthyHomNiagara or Breast Cancer Awareness Month Can physical activity reduce the risk of breast cancer? Exercise boosts the immune system and helps you to keep your weight in check. With as little as three hours of exercise per week, or about 30 minutes a day, a woman can begin to lower her risk of breast cancer. This doesn't require going to a gym either. Power walking is more than sufficient. . Can a healthy diet help to prevent breast cancer? A nutritious, low-fat diet (30 grams or less) with plenty of fruits and green and orange vegetables can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. A high-fat diet increases the risk because fat triggers estrogen production that can fuel tumor growth. Does smoking cause breast cancer? Smoking is a confirmed risk factor for many types of cancer. Recent research has confirmed that smoking is a contributing risk factor for developing breast cancer. Additionally, second hand smoke is also a risk factor. So if you're a smoker, help yourself in a significant way and join a smoking cessation program to help you stop. The day you stop smoking the healing can begin and each week in which you are smokefree, you give yourself increasing advantages for a healthier life. Smoking also directly contributes to heart and other lung diseases, too. How often should I go to my doctor for a check-up? You should have a physical every year which should include a clinical breast exam and pelvic exam. If any unusual symptoms or changes in your breasts occur before your scheduled visit, do not hesitate to see the doctor immediately. Does a family history of breast cancer put someone at higher risk? Although women who have a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk group, most women who have breast cancer have no family history. Statistically only 5-10% of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of this disease. For more FAQs, see Get Free Cleaning Tips and Specials at our Website www. and! ©2013 Piranha Marketing, Inc.