Healthy Home Newsletter April 2014 - Volume XVIII, Issue 4

April 2014 - Volume XVIII, Issue 4 Owners: Len Hume & Annette Marchionda Follow us on twitter @HlthyHomNiagara or April 22nd is Earth Day! 3 Easy Tips For Living Green Earth Day is a day set aside to focus on the unique challenges we face today in regards to our environment and our planet. Did you know every year over a billion people in 190 countries around the world participate in Earth Day? That’s a lot of people honoring our great planet. If you want to get involved be sure to check your local resources for Earth Day Events and ways you can participate. But the reality is, we can all try to live a little “greener” everyday by making some small adjustments or changes in the way we do things. Here are 3 easy ways we can all live a little greener: 1) Save energy. We can do this by trying to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. A cool fact: one person making use of public transportation or choosing to walk/bike just 2 times per week can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,600 pounds per year. Sounds good to me! Also, experts recommend not idling our cars, which not just sends unnecessary pollution into the air, but wastes gas and money. And even something as simple as unplugging appliances when not in use can save you money and energy. Go green by saving energy! 2) Use water efficiently. Some simple suggestions for this are to make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are running full loads. Also, opting to shower instead of taking a bath can save and average of 50-60 gallons of water per day. And by fixing leaky faucets and toilets you are living green. Go green by saving water! 3) Reduce, reuse, recycle. Easy ways to do this is to donate items you don’t need instead of hauling them to the dump. Also, bringing your own bags to the store is a simple step that helps out in a big way. And by maintaining things we already have so we aren’t such a “throw away society” we are living green. (Shameless carpet cleaning plug: cleaning your carpet is living green because they can last years and years longer when properly maintained!) Practice the three “R’s” and you are living green! There you have 3 easy ways to live green and honor our awesome planet. I hope you have a great month in April and remember Earth Day is April 22, 2014 For more information about how you can save energy and live greener visit and click on the Earth Day tab. Get Free Cleaning Tips and Specials at our Website and! Cool Blogs, Sites & Online Resources to Check Out! Tune into this blog created by modern mom Rebecca Woolf. This 30-something mother of four is witty, cool and oh yeah, funny as heck. So if you want a good read check out her blog. She’s got campy advice and musings on everything from family, love, music and eating healthy. Plus, her blog is rich with great photographs. Hope you enjoy this award winning blog! Eat, Move, Inspire is a blog created by Rikki Lee-Gilbert featuring…you guessed it…content about healthy food, healthy exercise and even healthy thoughts. But, don’t let that scare you off…Rikki keeps it fun and NOT boring plus it’s packed with beautiful photography and Memes so you actually FEEL inspired. And who doesn’t want to feel inspired to be the best version of themselves? Eat, Move, Inspire also has a great Instagram account that is sure to give you a boost in the right direction every day. ©2014 Piranha Marketing, Inc.