Health&Wellness Magazine May 2016 - Page 8

8 & May 2016 | Read this issue and more at | Put your juicer to work blending your favorite fruits and vegetables. Like us @healthykentucky Invite your BFF over to chill out with a tall glass of iced tea. Spinning Your Wheels: Sign up for a spinning class, dive into a pool or work up a sweat doing hot yoga. Request a trial week at a local upscale gym and work out in style. Splurge on colorful workout gear to motivate yourself even further. You might start craving exercise and begin to consider the gym as a way to pamper yourself instead of being a chore. Cheers: Put your juicer to work blending your favorite fruits and vegetables. Be inventive. You may like the simply delicious combination of carrots, ginger and lemons, but you also can’t go wrong with kale, apples, celery and ginger. For smoothie fans, combine your favorite berries with almond or soy milk. Sprinkle in some protein powder to revitalize your body after a hard workout. Drink from crystal glasses and savor every sip. Not only will you save money by juicing at home, but you’ll also be able to whip up your favorite creations at a moment’s notice. The Good Life: Five Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself How to get recharged for spring By Annette Racond, Staff Writer Taking time to pamper yourself can help your mind, body and soul recharge for spring. Here are five ways to nurture yourself that won’t break your budget. In Bloom: Keeping colorful bouquets of fresh flowers on your table is a simple way to boost your spirits. You can even split a single bouquet into two or three v