Health&Wellness Magazine May 2016 - Page 4

& May 2016 | Read this issue and more at | “I wish we had called Hospice sooner.” OPENING FALL 2016 Like us @healthykentucky ASSISTED LIVING MEMORY CARE RACE on over! Many floor plans, unique amenities and beautiful apartments to choose from - select yours today! “My Dad’s health was declining and Mom struggled to care for him. Then Mom asked about Hospice. The Hospice team came to our house and cared for Dad and the whole family.” 4 “I urge everyone to call as early as possible. Hospice is for the last phase of life, not just the last days.” 4 27 D MAN TATES CREEK SHOPPING CENT ER OL A SVIL LE R LVD (859) 296-6100 (800) 876-6005 Meet with 1974 Lauren Ashley ARE YOU DISABLED? HAVE YOU APPLIED FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY? ARE YOU CAUGHT UP IN RED TAPE? Kentucky’s Leading Hair Replacement Facility $ FIND OUT IF YOU ARE OWED MONEY $ • Genetic Hair Loss • Chemotherapy • Alopecia • Cosmetic Hair Replacement 859.263.9811 An experienced Social Security Claims Advocate can help you: • By assisting you in filing your initial application. • Filling out and filing your appeals. • Gather medical and other important information to submit to Social Security. • Contact your doctors to obtain a report of your medical condition. • By obtaining documents from your Social Security file and review them. • By presenting opening and closing statements at your hearing that will state how you meet the Social Security listing of being disabled. For a FREE CONSULTATION of your claim call Patsy R. Hughes, Disability Claims Advocate, Hair Institute offers several surgical and non-surgical h