Health&Wellness Magazine May 2016 - Page 38

& ADDICTION 38 May 2016 | Read this issue and more at | –COLUMN PROVIDED BY– Like us @healthykentucky Georgetown Office: 502.868.7272 London Office: 606.712.0043 Types of Treatment for Addiction Provided by Renew Recovery When beginning treatment, it is important to educate yourself and your loved ones about the different type of treatment options that are available for the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. The different treatment options are decided upon based on the severity of the alcohol or drug use by the person seeking treatment; you may also hear these treatment options referred to as levels of care. The best treatment option for someone will be determined by a physician, substance abuse therapist, or similar professionals by having an assessment done that will ask questions about the person’s substance use, mental well being, and overall physical health. Once an assessment is completed, treatment recommendations will be made, which will consist of the level of care needed by the individual, as well as local facilities that provide the type of treatment that was recommended. At this point, the person with the alcohol or drug abuse will need to schedule their first appointment with the facility they cho