Health&Wellness Magazine May 2016 - Page 24

24 & May 2016 | Read this issue and more at | Like us @healthykentucky Play deserves attention, too. to everyone who comes your way isn’t a virtue. If you answer every phone call, respond to every email or spend your time running around doing “small” favors, you’re not going to feel good about yourself for very long. The word “no” can change your life for the better and help you achieve your own goals. Six Simple Ways to Minimize Stress Be sure to incorporate play into your day ner isn’t a deal breaker. Take a deep breath and forge ahead. Set Some Limits: Setting boundaries is essential for good mental health. Saying “yes” Bring Joy to Your World: Make sure to put some form of fun into your day. When you indulge in activities that make you happy, you’ll relieve stress and become more energized. Whether it’s cooking, taking photographs or going to the park with your kids or your dog, mix obligations with good old fun. Play deserves attention, too. By Annette Racond, Staff Writer Spring is here! Time to relax and enjoy life – right? Unfortunately, stress doesn’t take vacations, even during this beautiful time of year. Here are six simple ways to minimize stress. Good Timing: If you leave extra time to reach your destination, you’ll minimize the chances of being late for important appointments. It’s a lot less stressful to be 15 minutes early than 15 minutes late. Sometimes (especially in the case of job interviews) being late can mean the difference between being hired and being passed over. Plus, your trip will be a lot more pleasant if you’re not racing around. Slow down and take your time. Get Back to Basics: Sleeping well, eating healthfully and exercising make a lot of sense when you feel your life spiraling out of control. Improving these three areas in your life can help you get back on track. Go to sleep earlier than usual in lieu of watching the late news. Opt for a nutritious lunch instead of fast food. Commit to an empowering exercise regimen. Keep it simple and you just might like how you feel. Note to Self: Leave a paper trail. Even if you think you’ll remember a phone number or address or Web site password, commit it to paper. Make sure to note where you put the note. On that note, it’s also a good idea to keep essential belongings in the same place all the time. Looking for things or trying to remember facts and figures can be frustrating and time consuming. Keep a small book with you for jotting down important details. Write it and get it right. Dethrone the Drama Queen: Don’t introduce drama to minor events. Lighten up – everything isn’t a catastrophe. It’s important to be aware of how much energy and emotion you’re devoting to unfortunate or disappointing circumstances. Missing a bus isn’t worth working up a sweat. Forgetting to wear your favorite earrings to din- ARE YOU IN NEED OF A MAMMOGRAM? WOULD YOU LIKE A TAKE-HOME COLON CANCER SCREENING KIT? HAVE YOU RECENTLY BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER? Give us a call today! We may be able to help you! (859) 309-1700 Sponsored in part by: ROCKPOINT Publishing & M A G A Z I N E