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N ew Year parties are over. Time to get back on track. Nutritionist Niti Desai and health and wellness coach Kunal Sharma show us how to detox, post the party season. l EASY EXERCISES: KUNAL SHARMA ADVICES . . . l Exercise five times a week. This should include running; strength, speed, functionality and balance workouts; stretching and meditation. l Do stair climbing for 20 minutes – two minutes of climbing with one minute rest. l Cycle for 30 minutes – two minutes on incline and two minutes on flat surface. l Run uphill, or half uphill, and then try to catch your breath while coming down. Do it for 30 minutes. l Do spot jogging for two minutes and rest for three minutes. Continue doing it for 30 minutes. l All these are high intensity workouts which should not exceed more than 30 minutes. DO’S AND DON’TS: l l l l l Include good fats, proteins and low glycemic index carbs in your meal. Sleeping and eating at the right time is very important to burn fat and heal your body. Do not take drugs or any kind of supplements to lose weight fast. Do not smoke. Do not over-train to lose weight as it will affect your hormonal balance. DIET: NITI DESAI’S MANTRAS . . . l Too much of alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body. So try to drink as much fluids as possible. Fluids l l can include water, vegetable juice and sometimes fruit juices (only if you are not diabetic as they tend to increase your weight and take a toll on your sugar level). Stop over-eating. Cut back on calorie intake but do not skip your meals. In order to lose weight, people tend to go on fasting and severe diets which ultimately reduces the body’s metabolic rate. Include protein intake in each of your meal. Have a snack between two meals. Morning snack can consist of fruit and evening snack can be chana/ sprout salad/ sukha bhel/ omelet/ unbuttered popcorn. SNEHA SURESHKUMAR much s a k n i r Try to d ossible. p s a s d i flu include n a c s d i Flu ble juice a t e g e v water, es fruit m i t e m o and s you are f i y l n o ( juices as they c i t e b a i not d your e s a e r c n tend to i a toll e k a t d n weight a ar level). sug on your