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STRENGTH TRAINING If it’s aerobics that keeps you alive and moving, it’s strength training that offers you quality of life. The rule: Strength train two days a week. For the rest of your life. Normal ageing is grim. It means losing 10% of your muscle mass every decade after age 40. Ditto bone mass. At 60, you can’t get out of a deep chair. Or the tub. Your joints hurt. So do your back, your hips, your knees. You fall down and break a hip. You’re a boring old wreck. That’s normal ageing. But do serious strength training two days a week and you’ll have little muscle loss and much less bone loss. You don’t need machines. Use free weights, elastic bands, your own body. Worry like crazy about posture: Lousy posture is the mother of bad hips. Which are the mother of bad backs. Get a decent exercise book or video. Doing strength training wrong is worse than not doing it at all. 5 EXERCISES TO BUILD MUSCLE 1 The Squat q Why bother? It’s superb exercise for strengthening your core and the big muscles of your legs. � Step 1 With your core tightened and your back straight, drop your butt back and down until it almost touches the chair. Hinge from the hips. � Step 2 Return to standing position. Repeat. Do serious strength str training two days a week hav little and you’ll have an much muscle loss and loss You less bone loss. d mac don’t need machines. f weights, weights elastic Use e free bands, s, your ow own body. HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 83