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2 EXERCISES THAT CAN HELP 1 Hip Circles Why bother? Moving in three dimensions is an excellent way to maintain flexibility in your hips. � Step 1 On all fours, lift one leg out to the side, then back, up, and down in a circular-style motion. Do 10 clockwise on one side, then 10 counter- clockwise. Keep your lower back still. As your mobility improves, increase the size of your circles. � Step 2 Repeat on the other side. 2 Overhead Reach (Dry Backstroke) Why bother? This one is outstanding for mid-back and shoulder mobility. � Step 1 Lie on your back with one leg bent. Reach over your head with your right arm, as if doing the backstroke. Return the arm to your side. � Step 2 Alternate between the right and left, 10 times each. 82 February 2018 HEALTH & NUTRITION