Health & Nutrition Health and Nutrition - February - Page 77

1 2 3 DAY 2 1 OVERHEAD PRESS Sets: 5 Reps: 5 l Grasp the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Take it off the rack, holding it at shoulder level with your elbows forward slightly and upper arms almost parallel to the floor. Squeeze your shoulders together and push your chest out, then press the bar over and slightly behind your head. 2 FRONT SQUAT Sets: 4 Reps: 10 l Step under a barbell resting on a squat rack and let it rest on the front part of your shoulders. Cross your arms so your hands reach across to the opposite shoulder to hold the bar in place. Unrack the bar and squat as low as you can while keeping your lower back flat. 3 xercise e r u o y Keep ort and h s n o i t c sele e you’re c n i S . t e swe r whole u o y g n i train session, h c a e y bod ises that c r e x e k pic y major r e v e k r wo up as o r g e l c s mu ossible. p s a y l t efficien PULL-UP Sets: As many as needed Reps: 50 total l Hold a pull-up bar with a grip wider than shoulder width. Pull yourself up. HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 77