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GET FIT WITH GUL Sushant Chavan, Venture Head, Mobiefi t, on partnering with Gul for Mobiefi t: “Mobiefi t was launched in 2015, with the vision to deliver structured fi tness training and coaching programs without the need of any direct human intervention or additional equipment. “Gul Panag was the perfect fi t as our founding partner, being a self-taught runner, as well as a public fi gure on the fore of promoting fi tness among women. Over the past two years, we’ve built two separate coaching apps, launched over 10 unique, goal-based programs, and trained over half-a-million people around the world. Every month, 2,500+ fi tness enthusiasts take part in our virtual challenges to prove their mettle by running the farthest, the fastest or doing the most number of push- ups, squats and crunches in a minute.  “We are making a strong headway into the corporate wellness space where we have deployed our solutions across 14 corporate such as Tata Steel, IDFC Bank, Aditya Birla Capital, Unisys etc. “We’ve also roped in a certifi ed nutritionist to create customised diet-plans that support each of our training programs, and help our users achieve their fi tness goals. “Going forward, we plan to create more programs in varied formats to make them easily accessible.” Gul with husband Rishi s very “I feel it’ have o t t n a t r impo r who a partne nds the a t s r e d n u s you e c i o h c health your d n a , e mak n life.” i s n o i s i v that we like to keep our personal life private. If you are in showbiz in India, then your personal life is under scrutiny but if you want to keep it private, you can. “Of course, as far as my fi tness and health goals are concerned, I believe that having a supportive partner is very important for a happy relationship. And what makes my journey so comfortable is my partner’s support. Staying healthy might feel like a one-person job but it’s only possible if your partner supports you, because I have seen people who want to be healthy but their partners forcing them to indulge (diet wise), because of which nobody ends up being fi t. “I feel it’s very important to have a partner who understands the health choices you make, and your visions in life. Both of us are particular about making sure that we are healthy in the years to come. “Everyone has those days when you just don’t want to exercise or do anything, but he pushes me saying some exercise is always better than nothing. I am blessed as my fi tness struggle is understood by him. “Looking back, I cannot recall a single failure in my life, because I haven’t seen any personally. So I would only say that my journey is full of successes.” HARSHA ADVANI HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 71