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Flying high classes and worked very hard. My husband gave me his full support. And today, I am a hobby pilot. Of course, I have a PPL (Private Pilot License) which means I can only fl y for myself and not charge for my services or fl y with any airline. “So as of now, I rent a plane when I want to fl y, and I take out a couple of hours every month to fl y. It makes me feel amazing and this is something that I really enjoy. Very soon, I plan to purchase a single engine plane with my hobby pilot friends.” SPEEDING AWAY (on being the fi rst woman to drive the Formula E car) “I have always been into sports cars and have driven an electric car for around two-and- a-half years now. Recently, I was invited by the Mahindra Racing Formula E Team to train and drive on their host track where they practice with those cars. The experience was amazing, and I drove at a speed of 280 kms per hour. “I have always been an automobiles enthusiast and I have just loved that experience. Again, to ride a sports car, a person needs an extremely fi t body and the heart of a marathon runner.” ON TURNING A FITNESS ENTREPRENEUR “The idea to start a company actually came up because of social media. My consistent approach towards fi tness, over the years, has made me an advocate of fi tness today. And, because of who I was, when I would post my workout images, people would start contacting me. Today, I have a very loyal and fi tness-focused community on social media. And that’s how the idea generated - if I can help other people to get up and pursue fi tness, then I can do much more. “These people would ask me why I didn’t launch a DVD, but I felt watching a DVD was going out of your way to watch and do something. I wanted a solution on the mobile device, which is always handy. Gourav Jaswal, founder, Mobiefi t, and I came together to start a company with many fi tness apps, because one app cannot do justice to all body types or fi tness enthusiasts. We came up with Mobiefi t to cater to diff erent kinds of people.” rathons a m g n i “Runn o been have als y fitness m f o t r pa y were e h t ; h c approa fashion a r e v e n nt.” stateme