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ood “Looking g ll ma is a very s aspect of e exercise, th on is main reas longevity.” Soman to help and support Milind launch it. “But I believe it’s very important for every woman to focus more on her health and fitness. Women prioritise the health of their family and DIGITAL DETOX IS IMPORTANT “My day starts at 6.30 a.m by writing in my diary everything that is to be accomplished for the day. I plan my strategies, post which I go for my exercise. I do not waste time on smartphones and WhatsApp. “I go on a digital detox very often. At least once or twice a month, when I visit my farms, I disconnect from my gadgets and rejuvenate myself. It may be hard for people to be disconnected like this but I am not addicted to my phone. “Today, we are over- communicating and are over-stressed. There are people who send me an email, then a message and a WhatsApp, in a span of half-an-hour, following up on the email sent just 30 minutes back. Using our time smartly is something we all need to understand, because at the end of the day we all are multi-taskers and have a lot to complete daily. And I believe living a fi t lifestyle helps in achieving that.”