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U nlike any other Bollywood celebrity, Gul Panag is known to be a free-spirited person. She rides bikes, climbs mountains, goes white-water rafting, drives from Mumbai to Leh (on vacation), shoots rifl es, runs marathons, fl ies a plane, has travelled to around 70 countries, and the list is endless… How does she manage to pack in so much? In a free- wheeling interview with us, Gul tells us all about being an actor, entrepreneur, producer, pilot, automobile enthusiast, biker, adventurer and more… Read on, for some adrenaline-driven insights... Gul Panag a g reveals r e v e a l s h her e r adventurous t u r o u s a and n d  tness-conscious n s c i o u s s side… i d e FROM A MISS INDIA TO AN ADVENTURER “Winning the ‘Miss India’ pageant changed my life, and helped me live my dream… I was always a multi-talented and multi-faceted child, and this I would say was courtesy my army upbringing. Growing up, my goal was clear - to do everything in life! “I was never into modelling in college, but when I saw the ‘Miss India’ pageant on TV, I thought I should give it a shot. I thought it would give me the opportunity to accomplish my goal - I could travel the world, make a diff erence in people’s lives, and be a diff erent person every single day (as an actor). And it so happened that I actually won the pageant! HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 65