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Modelling Affairs N ew York Film Academy alumna, performance artist and supermodel Priyanka Karunakaran debunks the myths of a typical model life…. 1. What according to you is the criteria to look fit for a model? “Being mentally healthy is the most important criteria. And because of the field we are in, everyone requires toned arms, legs and stomach along with healthy skin, hair and nails. A fit model is someone who is comfortable in whatever she wears and oozes confidence.” 2. How hard is it to maintain a well- proportioned body? “Maintaining a well-proportioned body becomes a habit when you pursue your passion. Making healthy choices is a lifestyle that I have adopted. Initially controlling on cravings does become difficult, but once you see the amazing results, you get addicted to it. And not just the weight, your hair and skin also glow when you maintain yourself .” 3. What is your workout schedule ? “I believe in using my body weight to stay fit. I have a fitness coach who trains me in mixed martial arts. I also do yoga and stretch a lot. It helps while in front of the camera.” 4. What are the diet patterns you follow? Are you allowed to cheat? “I follow a healthy balanced diet. I give into my cravings once in a while so that it does not build up. I avoid sugar and fried food though, and try eating home food as much as possible. I drink at least three litres of water every day. “If I have a bikini shoot coming up, like now with my Kingfisher Calendar 2018, I go on a strict diet of low carbs and don’t really suggest that for people to try.” 5. Modelling is also associated with drugs, alcohol etc. What is your take? “I do not smoke or drink. I never will. Although modelling, as a career, is associated with such substances, I have to make a clarification on that. Models are healthy men and women who have to take a lot of care of their body, hair and skin. What we put inside our body is what shows in pictures or on screen, which is not possible for alcoholics.” HARSHA ADVANI HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 63