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Do chronic conditions keep you from exercising? I f you have a chronic condition, you may be using that fact as a crutch to avoid exercising. But regular physical activity can actually improve your quality of life if you have arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, or even Parkinson’s disease. It may even keep you from getting other related conditions. For example, if you are unable to do aerobic exercise, you may still be able to do some strength training, which has been shown to stave off diabetes. Talk to your doctor about your limitations, then get advice from a physical therapist to come up with a routine that can get you moving, no matter what your ailment. Sneak more movement 1. When watching TV, stand up and move about during commercials – march in place or tidy up the room. 2. Combine your exercise time with screen time. Set up a treadmill or exercise bike near the TV and run or spin as you catch up on your TV viewing. 3. Iron or fold laundry while watching TV. 4. Keep a pair of light dumbbells next to your chair and lift them as you watch TV. 5. Set a reminder to get up and move around the room at least once an hour. 6. Stand up or stroll while talking on the phone. 7. When reading a book, get up and move around each time you finish a chapter. 8. Forgo the dishwasher. Stand at the sink to wash and dry dishes by hand. 9. Attack housework vigorously – stretch and lift as you scrub, mop, or vacuum. 10. Walk your dog an extra block. 11. Take your young grandchildren to the playground, where you can engage in activities like pushing them on a swing. 12. Stand as you read your daily newspaper – or magazine. HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 59