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Q  Fitness Forum ALL THE BEST NEWS, MOVES AND ADVICE TO KEEP YOU IN PEAK CONDITION Mind Matters! W e all know that the body and mind are linked, and the mental mirrors the physical. So when it comes to fitness, if you can shift the way you think about working out, that changes everything. One of the keys to overcoming these toxic thought patterns is to think of your workout as needs rather than wants. So even when your inner critic screams, “I don’t want to exercise!” you’ll still pack up your gym bag and get sweating. 1 D ete for yo rmine wh y e u. grand Do you w xercise is ant to im childr en play w portant predia ith yo betes without g ur etting d think t seriou iagnosis? What ired? Con sly ab vital t trol a ever out o y chanc our future why phys the reason ical a . Mak es yo , ct ing it u’ll do 2 Se perso ivity is it t . r e The hardest part of exercising is sticking with it. To help you ason nal ra prom able ises th ise I’ll goals e overcome that hurdle, here are five tips: e . x Instea Don’t ercise d, sta think for th rt sm , e “ Then I rest o all: “ ta f 3 W ke it one d I will exerc my life.” rite it ise th ay at a tim is we do calen e. ek.” dar fo wn. Put a n exa r exer p.m). ct tim cise ( Treat e on Mon yo appo intme ur workou day: Walk your t nt – d 4 - 4:3 4 Fi on’t b like a doct 0 nd or’s reak it prefe someone . rably to ex not y cance our sp ercise wit l on a h ouse f 5 Do rie – you . But n’t ne nd. Set w ’re les e g e yours s otiat elf e wit kly workou likely to h you t date just d to conside r s. se o, like r brush exercise a lf. Train seem s som ing yo s like et a cho ur tee out o re th. So hing you f the metim quest , but not d oing ion. it sho es, it uld b e Steps to stay motivated