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Q  Nutrition Update LATEST TIPS, TRENDS & FINDINGS IN HEALTHY EATING ARE YOU ADDICTED? O ne common misconception is that alcoholics need to hit rock bottom before they can truly get better. Absolutely not! People don’t realize that addiction is a chronic medical illness. It’s a disease of the brain, and the earlier you get help, the better. There’s no one-size-fits- all treatment plan for people with alcohol dependence. That said, if you’re someone who has had difficulty quitting in the past, you probably shouldn’t keep drinking, even if minimally. The more extended the usage, the more it can mess with your brain chemistry. BABY FOOD! S ome of the definite must-haves for a healthy pregnancy are proteins. They are essential for the healthy growth of the foetus and to maintain the mother’s health. Proteins form the building blocks for blood, bones, organs, muscles and tissues. Inadequate protein intake can lead to severe malnourishment. Your daily diet should have an additional 0.5 gms of proteins in the first trimester, 6.9 gms in the second and 22.7 gms in the third trimester. So you need about 78 gms of proteins in the third trimester. 44 February 2018 HEALTH & NUTRITION FOOD Milk Dal Paneer Egg Chicken leg, skinless Almonds SERVING SIZE 200 ml 1 katori 30 gms 1 100 gms 30 gms PROTEIN 7 g 7 g 5.6 g 13.28 g 19 g 5.4 g