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he urge f I you get t et your g , e g in b o t utritious n r e v o s hand are high h ic h w s edible n and o ir , m iu lc in ca nsuming o C . B in vitam s like fresh fruit and more s ie r r e b w stra ur daily o y in s d sala es the k a m e in t rou autiful. e b s e it h pearly w tremendously dry, due to dehydration, and lips may become sore and dry. TOOTH HEALTH While you work round-the- clock, keeping a check over what you consume and also looking at the health quotient of the edibles consumed by you almost becomes a daunting task. Also, since we have the tendency of just sitting in one place, constant binging during work hours might not just hamper our healthy enamel but also contribute to weight gain and other weight related problems. So what are the ways to cure this dental malady? u If you get the urge to binge, get your hands over nutritious edibles which are high in calcium, iron and vitamin B. u Maintain good oral health by regular brushing and flossing. Try and limit the 42 February 2018 HEALTH & NUTRITION number of times you tend to binge while at work. u Rinse your mouth with water or with sugar-free mouth rinse. u A dry mouth, or xerostomia, may be caused due to nausea and poor dental hygiene. This condition is the major cause behind decay of tooth. Moisturizing the mouth with water will help keep persistent decay at bay. u Avoid sugary or processed foods. u Consuming fresh fruits like strawberries and more salads in your daily routine makes the pearly whites beautiful. Leaf through the above mentioned guidelines and help yourself recover from the binge- eating episode while at work before it takes a toll on your healthy dental condition. DR KARISHMA JARADI Aesthetic Dentist - Dentzz Dental Care Centres