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Q  Pain Management P ? p i r T l i l f o s the k s i h ng r e eig ati h t s, outw e tre … e m on hil ain i t e ati , w p m ic s c o i t n S ed e  ro m ben ch T aking over-the-counter or prescription painkillers may seem like a simple solution for chronic pain. It’s actually a bit more complicated, yet many adults aren’t aware of potential problems. They think that if it doesn’t require a prescription, 26 February 2018 HEALTH & NUTRITION it’s safe. But there are some long-term health risks. Here’s what you should know about some commonly used pain relievers. ACETAMINOPHEN Acetaminophen (Tylenol) helps reduce fever and pain. It’s available over the counter, and it’s in many types of medications, including some prescription drugs. But large doses can damage the liver. Drinking alcohol while taking acetaminophen can also cause