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Q Health Flash STAY UPDATED WITH THE LATEST MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS What Causes Snoring? l During sleep, the muscles in the throat, tongue, soft palate, and the upper airway relax. l When these muscles relax, they sag, as do the tissues they support (e.g. tonsils, throat walls, and uvula – the teardrop-shaped piece of tissue that hangs from the roof of the mouth in the throat). l These sagging muscles and tissues partially obstruct the airway and reduce air intake. l As you automatically inhale more deeply to take in more air, you pull even more of this tissue into the airway. l The snoring noise comes from the vibrations of the tissue as air passes through the narrowed opening. Early signs of heart disease in people who drink sugary sodas N ew research adds to the growing evidence linking a high-sugar diet to heart disease. A report in the ‘American Heart Journal’ found that people who drank at least five sugar-sweetened sodas a week were more likely to have early signs of heart disease than people who drank less than one soda weekly. HEALTH & NUTRITION February 2018 21