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Q Readers’ Pulse LETTERS FROM OUR BEST CRITICS AND ADMIRERS KUDOS! C ongratulations to the Indian team for winning the Blind Cricket World Cup 2018 after beating Pakistan in the finals! But despite the victory, monetary funds and fair recognition still remain a distant dream for our spirited visually impaired players. Time the BCCI took it upon itself to support the players, and the media too gave them their due! Sumit Shellar, Pune BETTER FACILITIES INSPIRATION! Y our ‘Fit & Famous’ article (Jan 2018) featuring Milind Soman was awesome and an inspiration to all age groups - from teenagers to senior citizens. His determination and dedication towards fitness is commendable.! Pallavi Nene, Mumbai HAIR APPARENT I am a 62-year-old woman, and have been a photographer till the age of 52. I feel men who promote physical fitness in your magazine should not shave their body hair, as hair makes them look manly. If they think their chest contours are masked by an overabundance of hair, only the chest (not underarms) should be freshly shaved, just before the photo shoot. Three-four-day-old bristles should not be seen. Sahil Vora, Bangalore REQUEST! I am an 80-year-old subscriber of your magazine, and have been reading ‘H&N’ since years. I like the articles featured. A suggestion: Please include more queries in the ‘Q&A’ section. They are very informative and helpful. Jitendra R Shah, Ahmedabad T wo children younger than five die every minute. There is one government doctor for every 10,189 people, one hospital bed for every 2,046 people, and only one in five doctors in rural India are qualified to practice medicine. These dismal figures prove that despite a growing economy, India lags terribly behind in healthcare. Hope the powers-to-be seriously make efforts to improve healthcare facilities in the country. Giridhar Kamath, Mumbai WAKE UP! A ccording to a recent report, women’s health is ailing in India. We have the largest number of anaemic women in the world. And this is because women eat an unbalanced diet devoid of fresh fruits, green vegetables, pulses, meat and milk products that are required to lead a healthy life. The need of the hour is for women to prioritize themselves. Wake up ladies, and take charge of your health! Priya Kapadia, Hyderabad (Three best letters will receive gifts. Write to ‘Health & Nutrition’, Magna House, Old Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 25; or email My life in the FAST lane I care for GREEN Neem-Caffeine A range of healt hy new age personal care products by MCaffeine Available on: ca e e co