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Q Small Doses “Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.” Drew Houston P ilot, biker, racer, marathoner, adventure traveller and more... Gul Panag is an adrenaline junkie who loves living on the edge. And helping her live it up is her healthy fitness level – “exercise helps me in everything else I do,” she says. Senior Correspondent Harsha Advani unravels the beauty queen-turned-actor’s fun, fearless ‘n’ fitness-conscious avatar (‘Fit & Famous’) - a facet that will inspire you to tap into your adventurous side, and get going! ...Don’t get too adventurous though when it comes to taking painkillers. Taking OTC or prescription painkillers may seem like a simple solution to treat pain, but they come with long-term health risks. ‘Pain Management’ addresses the issue in-depth and suggests pill-free treatments for pain. Worth a read... Think you are worthy of treating yourself to a creamy cheeseburger while acing that project at work? Think again. You may be corporate binging, which can mess badly with your oral health. ‘Dental Care’ shows you how not to fall prey to the new health evil that’s taking the workplace by storm... ...Don’t also get perturbed if cancer runs in your family. Turn to ‘Health Alert’ to find out how tuning in to your family’s cancer history can help you recognize your potential risk. And this World Cancer Day (February 4 th ), pledge to do all you can to protect yourself from the disease, whether you are at risk or not... Risk yourself to fall in love... It sure is a beautiful feeling but don’t risk faulty behaviours to ruin your love life. ‘Sex Capers’ identifies bedroom habits that are increasingly posing a threat to a relationship. Fix them, and make your cocoon of love a place of bliss, not tiffs... Read also, our stories on decoding fat freezing, muscle cramping, the paleo diet and more... And lastly, here’s our li’l Valentine’s message for you: Love yourself a bit more, as your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have! A happy and healthy V-Day to everyone ☺ 12 February 2018 HEALTH & NUTRITION