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Dr Aruna of eeting with m ce n a ch a On to share my I happened , IA D IN IC aches & ORGAN episodes of us o ri te ys m r or any seemingly without feve ed en p p a h ed pains – they advice I start ents. On her ilm a & us a o g ri n Mori other se d soon added n a y it un e! m g a taking Im r by this pack . Now I swea nal Wheat Grass ia professio tta, 50, med u D ra ji n a M & mother The Ultimate Immunity Booster Fire up your ity Immun Try this composite formula by ORGANIC INDIA to boost your overall health and immune system. It plays a key role in helping you avoid illnesses Get Healthy and Stay Strong with our Immunity-Building combination MORINGA Boost Immune Response z Made from organic Katuki, Vana Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi z Immunity helps the body beat stress. That means fewer colds, headaches and allergies. z Organic Katuki comes with skin and liver healing benefits. Tulsi boosts immunity. z Use it to build resistance against ailments and to improve overall well-being. TURMERIC FORMULA Healthy Inflammation Response z Turmeric protects the body against cold and other aches. z It’s antioxidant curcumin helps your body fight inflammation and boosts immunity. z Our Turmeric Formula contains both turmeric rhizome powder and turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids. z Add this herb to your daily diet to build resistance against illness. TRIKATU Digestive and Metabolic Support z Containing the goodness of long pepper, black pepper and ginger, Trikatu helps improve digestion and elimination of waste. TULSI GREEN TEA LEMON GINGER Relax and Revive z Start your day with a cup of wholesome goodness. z It boosts absorption and assimilation of nutrients. z The relaxing blend of ginger, fresh lemon and green tea will awaken your senses and revive your immune system. z This detoxifying formula revives appetite, reduces bloating, belching and other symptoms of indigestion. z Enjoy the aroma of citrus. While ginger eases digestion, green tea fuels metabolism and tulsi strengthens immunity. HEALTHY CONSCIOUS LIVING FOR PRODUCT INFORMATION 07607745516 CUSTOMER CARE 1800-180-5153 EMAIL SHOPONLINE