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o get Try not t ated e h n i d e involv efore b s t n e argum sleep. o t g n i o g in bed g n i t h g i F solve s p l e h r neve m. a proble DOS AND DON’TS OF TECH IN THE BEDROOM T he bedroom is supposed to be the place where you reconnect, cuddle, and — most importantly — have sex. But with the influx of so many gadgets into every nook and cranny of our lives, the bedroom hasn’t been spared. If you don’t want technology to create havoc in your relationship, follow the below tips: l DO... give yourself a phoneless hour before bed. l DO... take baby steps. If an hour seems interminable, then start with 15 minutes… l DO... talk tech rules with your partner. Couples should discuss their concerns, including the pros and cons of technology in the bedroom. l DO... implement clear rules about tech at home. For instance, the laptop can only be used till 10 p.m. in the bedroom. Or cellphones shouldn’t be brought to the bed. and for your relationship. Without digital distractions, you’re leaving more of an opportunity to start meaningful conversations or, well, whatever else two adults might do in bed together. Social media dependency suppresses the release of oxytocin in your body. This hormone is responsible for emotional intimacy and bonding. Put away the phone/ laptop when your partner needs your undivided attention, especially in the bedroom. Don’t be intimate, holding your phone, more than you hold your partner. THEY FORGET ABOUT WORK Try to forget about work, and stop checking your work email when you are in bed. It’s so much better to spend that time together and to have some rest so you can be productive at work the next day. THEY DON’T SHARE A PET Bedtime is an intimate hour. Be vigilant about your pets but make sure your pets have another comfortable place to sleep besides your bed. THEY CUDDLE & KISS Physical touch is so important to a good relationship, and cuddling in bed is like a shortcut to intimacy. According to research, partners who sleep less than an inch apart are more likely to be happy in their relationship.