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Nazifa anchoring the show The unveiling I participated in the very first marathon in Mumbai in 2003, and next week, I’ll be completing 15 years in marathon running,” he said, with a hint of pride on his face. The subject then veered from how he quit smoking to his new trekking show on BBC to his current obsession - his 26-year- old girlfriend Ankita Konwar! To a question on whether Ankita realized how lucky she was to have someone as hot as him, Milind smiled mischievously and said, “Yes, she does,” but was quick enough to add, “She’s amazing too!” Putting all doubts to rest about his impending marriage - and also breaking many hearts in the process - Milind finally revealed that marriage was indeed on the cards. “Yes, we have discussed “I have always made my health priority. I move away from all the negative energy that causes me stress.” — Milind marriage. And I will be very happy to be married again!” he said excitedly. The event came to a close with a final round of the shutterbugs snapping away, and some impatient selfie requests. But Milind stuck to his signature rule of ‘10 push-ups for a selfie’ (a fan could earn a selfie with him only after 10 push-ups) – his way of using his popularity to promote fitness. And die-hard fans only happily agreed… Push-ups for a selfie Milind Soman with Team ‘Health & Nutrition’ With Nari Hira