Health Matters WBOP May 2018

Tauranga Hospital new flu shot service Patients at Tauranga Hospital, who are most at risk of serious complications from influenza, may have a flu shot at their bedside through a new service – one of the first of its kind in the country. Following the success of a trial of the programme in the Kaupapa Ward last year, Community Pharmacist Louise Ranson from Bay Health Pharmacy, a community pharmacy based in the hospital, is now providing flu shots in all wards as well as ED. Under the initiative flu shots are free for people who are most at risk, those who are pregnant, or 65 years or older. "The new service means patients as well as people visiting the hospital who are most at risk can now have their free flu shot within the hospital, in some cases at their bedside on the ward,” says Louise Ranson. She says almost everyone can benefit from the protection of annual influenza immunisation. The pharmacy also offers flu shots for non-subsidised people as well for a fee. The initiative is part of a wider scope of health services now provided by pharmacists. They are also providing free emergency contraception, and oral contraceptive pills with only one doctor's prescription required every three years for some women, in a bid to make the pills more accessible to women. Pharmacists also provide a free throat swab service testing for strep throat which if undetected can lead to Rheumatic Fever. The later Rapid Response Sore Throat Service is part of the BOPDHB’s plan to reduce the high prevalence of Rheumatic Fever in our region by two thirds. Bay Health Pharmacy also provides the whooping cough vaccine to adults 18 years and older, however this is not funded so there is a cost. Bay Health Pharmacy, can be found on the Main Corridor, Tauranga Hospital and is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. From the Chair In this edition of Health Matters, I want to draw your attention to the focus on health services to support you to stay well. This coming Thursday is World Smokefree Day. I am sure you are aware that the Government has a goal of Smokefree Aotearoa 2025. An ambitious goals and one that when achieved, will see many New Zealanders living far healthier lives. I know quitting isn’t easy, however we Get your flu jab to protect yourself, your family and your community Bay of Plenty residents are being urged to get immunised to protect themselves from influenza ‘the flu’, a viral infection that can cause serious illness and is sometimes fatal. The articles on preventing Rheumatic Fever (RF) and the region’s stop smoking service Hāpainga, are extremely important reads and highlight that there is so much we can do for ourselves to stay healthy and keep our families healthy, especially our children. I remember many years ago when I was a Public Health Nurse one of my least favourite jobs was giving the children who had had RF, their monthly penicillin injections. I’m pretty sure I was the most unpopular visitor to those homes when the injections were due. Rheumatic fever starts with a sore throat that is known as ‘strep throat’ - a throat infection caused by a bacterial infection or bug called Group A Streptococcus (GAS). If the ‘strep throat’ is not treated with antibiotics it can lead to RF. Today, free throat swabbing services are available at many pharmacies and schools across the region to detect GAS. One simple throat swab can prevent your child from developing RF and potential serious heart problems. So next time your child has a sore throat please, make the time to get them checked. Clinical Nurse Manager Ward 2B Metua Solomona (left) and Pharmacist Louise Ranson plan the best times for Louise to give flu vaccinations to eligible patients. “Immunisation is your best protection from influenza, and the best defence in preventing the spread of the illness to others,” says Dr Phil Shoemack, Medical Officer of Health. Sally Webb, Chair Bay of Plenty District Health Board Free influenza immunisation is available for people at risk of serious complications from influenza including pregnant women (any trimester), people with an ongoing medical condition like asthma, diabetes, or a heart or lung condition and people aged 65 years or over. are very fortunate here to have a great service with Hāpainga and the reason it is having such a good success rate is because it starts with the underlying principle that quitting smoking is an individual journey to wellness and they are there to help you quit your way. Around one in four New Zealanders are infected with influenza each year. Every year approximately 400 deaths in New Zealand are related to influenza infection. Flu Facts  Influenza isn’t just a bad cold –it can be serious and can kill.  Around 1.2 million kiwis get influenza immunisation yearly. Think about what you can do to create healthy futures for the children of the Bay of Plenty. Sally Webb Influenza, commonly called the flu, can be a serious illness that is sometimes fatal. Symptoms of influenza include a cough, headache, fever or chills, body aches and pains, fatigue, and generally feeling really miserable. Influenza can be severe enough to require hospital treatment. Contact your local medical centre or pharmacy to get the influenza immunisation today. For more information call 0800 IMMUNE (0800 466 863) or visit I am really keen to see smoking stop around our babies and children. They are our future and they deserve a healthy future. I think of the late Dame Whina Cooper’s wise words: "Take care of our children. Take care of what they hear, take care of what they see, take care of what they feel. For how the children grow, so will be the shape of Aotearoa." Kia kaha “However, everyone should consider vaccination,” says Dr Shoemack. “Even someone who is fit and healthy can become sick with inf Օ鄰ɥͭ)ͥЁѼ䁽ȁɥ̸eȁݽɭ)ȁɕȁՉ͕ͥչͅѥȁх)ȁɔȁɵѼ)ѵЁѽ䳊t́ͅȁM+ %չͅѥɕɕ́ȁչѕ)ѼЁՕ鄸+ eԁЁЁՕ鄁ɽѡم) =A!M 9͔!Q屽ȁѥ)ԁ͡и5ɔѡԔ =A!ݽɭ́ٔ)ԁ͡Ёѡ͕́ͽ+ %Օ鄁չͅѥ́Iȁѡ͔)ЁЁɥͬ