Health Matters WBOP March 2019 - Page 2

HealthMatters TOI ORA OUR VISION TOI TŪ TE TOI AHORANGI 2030 DRAFT MĀORI HEALTH STRATEGY PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT 25 MARCH - 25 APRIL 2019 OUR MISSION Te Hauora a Toi is in pursuit of Toi Ora, a collective vision for flourishing descendants of Toi. TE KUPU As the Bay of Plenty District Health Board and the Māori Health Rūnanga (our eighteen iwi governance representatives of Te Moana ā Toi), we are affirming our Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership by advancing a brave new Māori Health strategy that Authentic Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership provides for Tangata Whenua protection and participation TE MANA Tangata Whenua self- determination, aspirations, contributions and worldview are valued and invested in across the BOPDHB system TE ORA Toi Ora drives a whole of system approach that enables flourishing from pre-conception throughout the life course aims to transform our health system and realise our collective aspirations for Toi Ora. We’ve listened to the voices of our whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori providers and wider community over the last 12 months, and now it’s time to make sure that the course we intend to navigate towards Toi Ora over the next decade is going to get us there. Toi Ora is our localised vision, determined by our eighteen iwi in 2007. This vision directly aligns with He Korowai Oranga, the Government’s national Māori Health Strategy and vision of Pae Ora - healthy, Māori futures. Toi Ora is central to the future direction of Te Hauora a Toi and all that we do. We have included Iwi Ora - a fourth and interconnecting element of the Pae Ora framework, including Mauri Ora (flourishing individuals), Whānau Ora (flourishing families), and Wai Ora (flourishing environments). Iwi Ora, flourishing iwi is an integral element of what Toi Ora means for tangata whenua in Te Moana ā Toi. By 2030, we envisage Te Hauora a Toi leading Māori Health throughout Aotearoa. We will be demonstrating an authentic Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership that values and invests in tangata whenua aspirations to realise Toi Ora. Over the next ten years, we’re committed to working together, partnering for outcomes across sectors and ensuring that tangata whenua determinants of wellbeing are addressed and invested here in Te Moana ā Toi. Ultimately, Te Toi Ahorangi aims to provide a strategic framework that describes our unified vision, voice and intention to successfully influence health and wellbeing outcomes for tangata whenua and all people living in Te Moana ā Toi, from pre-conception throughout the life course. The name Te Toi Ahorangi affirms our worldview and status as tangata whenua. It gives reference to our eponymous ancestor Toi te Huatahi, and contextualises Toi as both the centre and summit of our endeavours. Ahorangi acknowledges our connection to Ranginui and Papatūānuku and the strength of the sacred threads that bind us together, and weave our past, present and future as one. It also refers to the sail ropes of Te Waka o Toi, our waka hourua that enables us to determine our way towards Toi Ora. Pouroto Ngaropo Tricia Keelan Māori Health Rūnanga Chairperson GM Māori Health Gains & Development ‘In the now is all time. We must work ‘We want to be the first genuinely Te Tiriti flourishing legacies Our work today will create a future together to ensure we leave for our future generations.’ o Waitangi led District Health Board. where our mokopuna are raised in Mana Atua, Mana Tūpuna, Mana Whenua, Mana Moana & Mana Tangata.’