Health Matters Spring 2019 - Page 7

Dr. r . Mike R. W Dr Waldrop aldrop D.C. Dr Dr. r . Heather H. W Waldrop aldrop D.C. Dr Dr. . Travis T ravis Worthman W orthman D.C. Dr Dr. . T Tony on y L. Ro Rowe, we, M.D. (Chiropractor) (Chiropractor) (Chiropractor) Christina Maher Maher, r , D.P D.P.T. P .T T . Curry y MSN,APRN,AGNP-BC Dr. r . Joseph F Frysz Dr r ysz D.P D.P.T. P.T .TT . Dr Dr. r . David Curr (Non-Surgical Orthopedics) (Doctor of Physical Therapy) (Doctor of Physical Therapy) (Nurse Practitioner) I n t e r v e n t i o na l P Pain Interventional a in M Management a nage me n t • S Sports p o r ts M Medicine e di cine Chiropractic C hir o p r ac t i c • Physical P h y s i c a l The Therapy r a p y • Massage M ass age The Therapy r a p y South Georgia Geor gia Spine, Joint & Rehab Center is a comprehensive Spine, Sports and Rehabilitation center with 3 locations across south Geor gia. Each clinic offers Interventional Inter ventional P Pain ain Management, Physical Therapy apy y, , Chiropractic Care and Non-Sur Non- gical Georgia. Therapy, y, , Massage Therapy Therapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy. Therapy apy y. . Af fter ter an extensive nationwide search, Dr ventional P Pain ain Management After Dr. . Rowe joins our team as an Inter Interventional specialist with a sub-specialty lty in Anesthesia. T Together ogether , we are proud to provide our community with specialized non-sur gical Together, non-surgical rehabilitation with great service ser vice and convenience. South Geor gia Spine, Joint & Rehab Center also provides on-site licensed Physical Therapy at each location. Licensed and board Georgia certified Physical Therapists provide much needed rehabilitation for most aches and pains under the direct super vision of Dr supervision Dr. . Rowe. This team approach provides a higher quality of care, more convenience, and great results. Does Insurance cover these services? ser vices? In today ’s economy my y, , the cost of care is ver vices at South Geor gia today’s economy, very y important. All ser services Georgia Spine, Joint & Rehab Center are covered by insurance and we are providers for most Insurance urance Networks. W We e are providers for Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, P Principle, rinciple, Great W est, United HealthCare and many more. W rif fy y your West, We e even verif verify benefits and file all the paper work for you. paperwork How do I know if South Geor gia Spine, Joint & Rehab Center ter can help me? W We e specialize in treating most spine, joint, muscle Georgia and ner ve disorders. Common conditions treated are Neck & Back pain, Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Herniated & Bulging nerve Discs, Sciatica, L Leg eg pain, Joint int pain, Neuropathy, Neuropathy y, , Knee & Hip pain, Shoulder & Arm pain, Spinal Stenosis, Pinched Ner ves, Nerves, Headaches, Numbness & T Tingling ingling and Sore Muscles. ou You Ser ve Y Yo T o Serve ations To 3 Locations Thomasville 202 South Madison 229.226.1035 Cairo Cair o 26 Thir Third d A Avenue, venue, NW 229.377.1392 Bainbridge 517 South Scott St. 229.416.4457 223744-1