Health Matters Spring 2019 - Page 26

Stinky That smell is making me sick By Lynnmarie Silvernail es it is a thing. If you have experi- enced nausea while writing with your favorite pen, your favorite mag- azine and newspaper ink is literally making you sick? You no longer can stand the smell of your mother’s roast cooking in the oven, a familiar room is now off limits be- cause you enter and feel sick to your stomach? You are not going crazy. It is a thing and it’s called hyperosmia. Which means oversensitivity to smells. You may even have tinnitus, a buzzing or ringing in the ears. Your taste buds may even be a bit confused and you are experiencing trigeminal facial pain. The good news is you are not alone. This syn- drome of hyperosmia is the physical manifesta- tion of the fight or flight mode of your brain. It does not matter which, fight or flight, however let us move to your coping skills with this syndrome. On any given day over 200,000 people in the U.S. are experiencing hyperosmia. Worldwide we don’t know how many have the syndrome but reports come in from all over the world of this condition. Also, you will get better. If you are looking for the technical reason why this happens, it literally is in your head. It begins in the Limpic system in your brain which sends a message to the Hippocampus, which in turn sends a message to the Vagus nerve, causing nausea and honing you in a circle of anxiety. If you have the smelling ability of a 7 on the scale of 1- 10, with Hyperosmia it becomes a 15-plus. Again, You will get better. First of all, have an open and honest discus- sion with friends and family especially those you live with. Others will take this syndrome as you pushing them away when it has nothing to do with them. Save your relationships and have this talk with those close to you. It is probably impor- tant to let those you work with know about hyper- osmia, too. How you want to proceed is up to you however direct and uncomplicated discussion about this syndrome is the best. Take this article and keep it with you as you let others know you are experiencing this syndrome. Also this is not a disease, it is a syndrome that you can learn coping skills to overcome. Y 26 Health Matters For the nau- sea, mix a tea- spoon of hon- ey with a cup of water. You can even pre-mix this and keep containers with you for the day. Next a guided meditation is im- mense help. Let’s begin, although you may want to enlist a coach for this. While laying down gather four or five deep breaths, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Close your eyes and place yourself in a silo. While in the silo you can float and move freely. The walls of the silo are cov- ered with bright red pieces of paper. The top of the silo is a beautiful stained glass window that can open when you get there. Float towards the walls of the silo and start ripping off the red pa- per, underneath you will find pure white that is pleasing to the eye and your being. As you peel the red paper off the walls drop it and release it to the floor of the silo which is so deep you cannot see the bottom. Keep peeling and releasing the red pa- per to reveal the pure white walls. As you peel, you rise closer and closer to the stained glass win- dow. When all the red paper has been torn off, then all the walls are white in the silo, Rise up to the stained glass window and in a diving motion go through it. There you will find beauty, perhaps a beach or the mountains. There, you are free and love your surroundings. This guided meditation also works very well on insomnia. Just before bed is the perfect time to practice. The next step is a media fast for 30 days. No news or web searches, No social media platforms or search engines. Email, text and talk are OK. Stay away from things that suck you into being on the web, and do not watch or listen to the news. Yes, this is for 30 days. Fill this time with music. Jazz, classical or baroque are healing and help Please see SMELL, page 27