Health Matters Spring 2019 - Page 18

Life-changing Batson credits Factor X Fitness for transformation By Earl Batson Jr. It started off in December of 2017 when I had total left knee replacement I was at a point where I could no longer walk. I had been working with Dr. Brad Walter at Thomasville Orthopedics for about two years prior to that and had come to the conclusion that I had no other choice than to have knee replace- ment. I could no longer walk or stand and I was at the point of weighing nearly 300 pounds and at the age of 40 was crip- pled. Dr Walter and I decided to go ahead and do the surgery and then I started with in-house physical therapy through Archbold Hospital’s program. I spent nearly three months in and out every week one hour to an hour and a half three days a week doing physical therapy. At that point, I started my tran- sition to lose weight. My friend Hal Jackson and a couple of other people 18 Health Matters took the time in March of 2018 to show me how to work the equipment at Fac- tor X Fitness. Along the way I've had a lot of help from Thomas County Sheriff's Deputy Hayden Jones and Georgia State Troop- er Grey Shiver. The entire staff at the gym has been more than helpful and take the time to show me what I needed to do. I will say it wasn't easy walking in being over- weight looking around at people who were lifting weights that were already in great shape. I had people push me to work out along with the desire to want to be able to get around and not be crip- pled helped me reach my goal. I know I give a lot of people credit but I know in the end it was the fact my desire to lose weight and change my life. Without having help along the way I wouldn't have been able to do it without the people at Factor X Fitness.