Health Matters Spring 2019 - Page 10

continued from page 9 Live “Further, we believe our approach is innovative and in many ways unique — we know of no other effort that is meeting identified community health needs to ad- vance health status and reduce health disparities pre- cisely as we are doing,” said Lowe. Mustian added, “The efforts have also instilled with- in our community a greater sense of affiliation with Archbold and a better understanding of the role we play in the vitality of the community.” As a result of the positive momentum Live Better created, the City of Thomasville specifically recom- mended continued involvement with Live Better in the city’s 10-year Comprehensive Plan, their strategic roadmap for the next decade. “We’re proud that we’ve moved a idea to hardwired processes, having initial participants to now reaching thousands, creating a concept that is actually changing our community — and the potential foundation of a best practice,” said Mustian. 10 Health Matters Live Better Advisory Board • Mark Lowe Archbold Vice President of Planning and Marketing • Todd Bennett Archbold Clinical Outreach Manager • Andrea Collins Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce • Pat Donahue Thomasville Times-Enterprise • Laine Reichert Superintendent, Thomasville City Schools • Lisa Williams, Superintendent, Thomas County Schools • City of Thomasville representative