Health Matters EBOP September 2018 - Page 4

5210 - the healthy way to go vegetables and fruit a day, cut down kids screen time to less than two hours, be active for an hour or more each day, and have zero sugary drinks but drink water or milk instead.” Dr Alison James, a Tauranga GP, was part of the team that helped develop the resources. “The resources can be used by anyone in the community, so that families and whānau see these messages and are encouraged to live them wherever they go.” She adds, “If kids can live 5210 every day, then they are learning healthy habits which will help prevent chronic illnesses, like diabetes, when they are adults.” Health practitioners can also access specifi c resources to support conversations with whānau about their child’s food, sleep, and activity, as well as to help families set goals towards creating healthy life-long habits. The Bay of Plenty Clinical Trials Unit is recruiting now for a Pneumococcal Vaccine Study Are You At Risk Of PNEUMOCOCCAL DISEASE? If you are a smoker or have a chronic medical condition, you may be eligible for a clinical research study. Researchers are studying an investigational vaccine to see if it could help fight infections that can cause pneumococcal disease. You may be eligible to join this study if you are between 18 and 49 years of age and you have at least one of the following: Tamariki across the Bay of Plenty are being given a head start on healthy habits thanks to a brand new range of health resources given at their routine B4 School Check. Diabetes, type 1 or type 2 Confirmed diagnosis of mild or moderate asthma Confirmed diagnosis of chronic heart, liver or lung disease AND/OR you are currently a smoker The BOPDHB and Toi Te Ora Public Health have developed a range of resources called “5210”, which feature local scenes and local people teamed up with some simple messages to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. Not only are these resources being distributed at the B4 School Check, but also via general practices, early childhood centres, and dental clinics around the Bay. The study doctor will review other criteria with you that may determine whether you can participate in the study. Contact: Michelle Raitak, Research Nurse on 07 557 5242 for more information. For more information, including the potential risks and benefits of participation, please contact: Countdown Kids Appeal off to a strong start Public Health Nurse, Debbie Trenberth, has been handing out the resources as part of the B4 School Check and says they help to generate healthy conversations with whānau and drive home the simple 5210 message. “We have some great new resources that can be easily understood to help kids and their families remember to go 5210 everyday. These include the 5210 book bags and stickers.” She adds, “The resources remind families that we need to eat fi ve V114-017_Patient Recruitment Flyer_V2.0_English-NZ For 5210 resources and information, visit Following his B4 School Check with Public Health Nurse, Debbie Trenberth (left), Maverick Rawson (right) is all set to start school with his new 5210 bag. Countdown and BOPDHB staff help launch this year’s Countdown Kids Appeal at Tauranga Hospital. This year’s Countdown Kids Appeal is off to a fl ying start say fundraisers. More Bay of Plenty community pharmacies are providing free throat swabbing in an eff ort to reduce the region’s high rate of Rheumatic Fever. To fi nd a pharmacy near you providing this service visit and use the drop down keys to search Sore Throat Swab Service. Throat swabbing is also available at your GP clinic or through many schools across the Bay of Plenty. To fi nd out more visit https:// advice/a-z-of-health-advice/ rheumatic-fever/ The Bay of Plenty region has high rates of Rheumatic Fever. In New Zealand research shows it’s a disease that almost exclusively aff ects Māori and Pacifi c children aged 4 to 19 years. A simple throat swab can detect ‘strep throat’ – a throat infection caused by a bacteria called Group A Streptococcus (GAS) which if untreated can lead to Rheumatic Fever. K-town pharmacy in Kawerau and Unichem Racecourse Pharmacy in Greerton are the latest pharmacies providing the service. Bay of Plenty Community Pharmacy Group (BOPCPG) Pharmacist Cathy Mills says, “We’ve now got 36 community pharmacies providing the free throat swabbing service for children from 4- 19 years which was started in April. About 30-percent are testing positive for GAS throat infection each month and being treated with antibiotics.” Cathy says feedback has been really positive, “People have commented about the convenience of walking into the pharmacy and getting a swab taken with no appointment necessary.” Every year Countdown supermarkets across New Zealand fundraise for the children’s wards of their local hospitals. Tauranga and Whakatāne hospitals receive a percentage of that money and last year a total of $99,440 was donated. “They’re always so generous and it’s really humbling,” says BOPDHB Nurse Leader Maurice Chamberlain. “We really appreciate what the Countdown guys do so much, as do our patients who are the ultimate benefi ciaries of course. We’re well underway with our eff orts and understand fundraising is going well with Countdown as well.” The appeal sees fundraising events and initiatives held over a three-month period, and this year includes cake sales, BBQs, raffl es, a quiz night and a pool competition. Food companies also donate a percentage of their profi ts from products sold in local stores. The money allows the DHB to purchase the ‘nice-to-haves’ over and above what could be aff orded within the constraints of budget says Maurice. “It gives us the chance to buy equipment or make improvements which we ݽձeЁ)Ѽѡݥ͔t)=ѡ́啅ˊéݥ͡Ёɔͥɕ́ȁѠ)ѠQɅ]х̸QɅ)!хé չ͍Ё5х!Ѡ)M٥́ѕ́ͥɔȁѡɅѥ)ёȁȁѡɕչ)́ɔЁ]!хͥ)ɕȁ ɕé]ɓéѥ́́) ȁѡ չёݸ-́!х)QаIѠ-ɥȰ̃ͅqQ́ͅɕ)ѡȁ́ɥх́啅Ȱ)ݡѡȁӊéȁ͡Ёх䁽ȁȁȰӊe)݅́ѽ՝ѥ+qQɽ՝ѡɽͥ䁽ȁѽ́)չɅͥ́ѡ չёݸѕݔ)՝ɕѼѡѱ)ѡȁ䁑ɥɅյѥͥѥt)Qչ́չѥMչ=ѽȸ)Q<=9Q+YͥЁ չёݸєЁѡи+ 䁅ɥщȁɇѥЁѽɔ+Ёٽٕȁѽɗe)չɅͥѥ٥ѥ̸+єݡ׊eɔȁ͡)͕ѥ չёݸ-́!х)́ɽՍи)ȁɔɵѥ٥ͥ)ܹչёݸ轍չёݹ