Health Matters EBOP September 2017 - Page 4

Decade of fundraising yields nearly $800k for Bay’s sick children The Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal has raised nearly $800,000 towards the care of sick children in the Bay of Plenty during its ten years of fundraising. Last year alone a staggering $128,958.90 (the most ever in the Bay of Plenty) was donated. The annual appeal was launched recently at Tauranga Hospital’s Paediatric Ward. Countdown Whakatāne Store Manager Tony Chegwidden says staff never lost sight of the fact it’s all about the children. He says the appeal was personal to him as his daughter had health issues when she was born at Tauranga Hospital. “Thanks to the staff here I now have a wonderful 17-year-old daughter and that so nearly wasn’t the case.” Examples of equipment purchased in recent years with Countdown funds are the Panda Resuscitaire (used for resuscitating babies soon after birth - cost $25,000); the Bilisoft (used for treating jaundiced babies – cost $15,000); and the i-Stat Handheld Blood Analyzer (used for testing babies’ b @vV66RWfV2f"WR67BC6VFFvFFW2F7F07&72FR6VG'6VFpFW&vBvLHRDDDRDD0T.( 2T4œ)jf6BW"66VFFv7WW&&W@BFFRBFR6V6W@)jW&66R6VFFvG27FV&ffRF6WB7F&P)jFFRvR^( &RFpW"ƖR6r&VGf"FRvFR7F&RvW"F6VwvFFVVgB6VFFv&Vv&76F""זV"BFR&&W''6VG&R&6WBB$D"W'6RVFW W&6R6&W&&vBV6FR6VFFvG27FV#r&bVGVF77FVФƗfRvVFRH&&v'FW VvW"W VFFƗfPVFƗfW0pF00DTB@dԔŒ4TE$TB4$PdԔ$R( 0r HR$t7FvVFR$D.( 2&V6VFǒV6V@7G&FVv2VF6W'f6W2গ2rf&RF&VBƖRWffRFV2`W6VV6R7&72`W"7F6W'f6W0vWBvVFWfV6'BgVǐFVw&FVB77FVF&fFR6&R66RFvW&RVRƗfRV&v&Bv&`gPW& &6PR6@f2BW0&VBVrPV0PW"VPWb70आVFF&fp6VFW2Fv&G2##pETB$ FR7G&FVv2VF6W'f6W26WG0FR66VRf"vBFRD"vf7W2F7W'BVRW"6VFW2FƗfRVFƗfW2FRWBFV6FRfR6&VBB'fvrFRƖ&VrইGG&BF$42