Health Matters EBOP September 2017 - Page 2

From the Chair Connexion: patient communication the preferred way District Health Board (BOPDHB) communicates with patients about their hospital appointments. Ron Scott - Deputy Chair, Bay of Plenty District Health Board In this edition of Health Matters you will see some of the initiatives staff at our hospitals are doing to get people back to being active members of our communities. Now is a great time to be thinking about being more active. The weather is getting warmer, Spring is in the air! This makes me refl ect on my own fi tness. Around this time a couple of years back, the Bay of Plenty District Health Board members and Senior Executive challenged themselves to do the Oxfam 50 km walk in Whakatāne at the end of that summer. One group of hardened souls even aimed to do the 100 km route. Part of the motivation for me, was recognising that getting up and getting moving is important if I am to avoid getting stiff er and slower with age. In this stunning Bay of Plenty climate, the weather is no excuse; it is really just a matter of making the choice to do something. Anything; just do something. When my father was my age he could literally not walk to the letterbox. One day he decided to improve his fi tness. He started by getting out of his car and walking to the letterbox. Later that year he ran the Rotorua marathon. What can you do to actively enjoy the increasing hours of sun and extra warmth? Perhaps a walk to the shop? Or a cycle around town? Kicking a ball around with the kids? How soon will it be warm enough for a swim at the beach? Even clearing up the garden can be a satisfying day in the sun and open air. Anja Theron, BOPDHB Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinical Co-ordinator says, “We know from experience that young people often need a break or Mental Health support away from their current environment, but not quite the type of support that is provided in an in- patient setting. “We all know these days there are multiple means of communication and what works for one person will not work for another. Patients are telling us that overall their preferred method of communication is by text message or email across all age groups and communities.” Many people need a goal to get them started: You might train for next month’s Tauranga marathon or Whakatāne’s annual Toi’s challenge in November. Or your personal goal might be simply to keep up with the kids, climb the stairs without puffi ng or continue to be able to tie your own shoe laces. Whatever your goal, enjoy our Spring weather. Get outside and take some deep breaths. And you might surprise yourself as we did by fi nding that you can walk 50 km in a day! He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata! What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! It is people! It is people! Whakatāne Hospital Health Care Assistant Sami Hicks, ready to help patients cast their vote. The waiting room at Whakatāne Hospital’s Outpatients Clinic turned into a make shift voting station recently. Arohanui Not to be confused with the upcoming General Election, patients were asked to vote on their preferred method of contact for appointments as well as their preferred choice of text messages. Ron Scott The move is part of a wider programme to improve the way the Bay of Plenty New mental health facility for Bay teens A new home is being set up in Tauranga to provide short term intensive mental health support for Bay of Plenty young people needing a break from their usual environment. BOPDHB Chief Operating Offi cer Pete Chandler says, “This is about adapting the way we work and fi nding out what best suits our patients. This requires us to evolve from simply sending out appointment letters to ensuring our patients are aware they have an appointment at the hospital, what it’s for and have the time to either get there or reschedule. The new and improved way of coordinating appointments based on the preferred method of contact is set to be running by the end of the year. “Thanks to Z Energy BOP for loaning us its ‘Good in the Hood’ voting boxes and thanks to all of our patients who have given us feedback through our Facebook page, website or by voting at the information points at both hospitals.” FOR MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT CALL: The Mental Health Crisis line on 0800 774 545 For Eastern Bay youth (0-18 years) call Voyagers on 0800 486 947 For Tauranga & Western Bay youth (0-18 years) call 0800 333061 For Youth Alcohol & Drug issues call Sorted on 0800 BAYSORT (0800 229 7678) “This is about providing a safe place for young people from 12 to 18 years; getting the right support around them at a critical time before the mental health issues they are facing escalate further. “Having intensive support at a critical time, can be the key to whether their health improves or deteriorates further.” “They may be in a crisis situation or they may need a break from their usual environment for their own wellbeing.” It will be equipped to care for four young people overnight at any given time, and also provide day programmes for others. Young people will be referred to the service from health providers from both the Western and Eastern Bay of Plenty via the MICAMHS (Maternal Child and Adolescent Mental Health service, or Voyagers in Whakatāne. Expert clinicians including Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Youth Workers will be based at the service, providing one on one support, working with the young person on a treatment plan. Well over 6000 appointments are missed each year at Whakatāne and Tauranga hospitals. We can reduce this number by ensuring we contact patients in the most appropriate way for them, and by patients keeping us up to date with their contact details. The service , a fi rst for the Bay of Plenty, is due to open in mid-September. “Just how long the young person will stay overnight at the service will vary depending on their individual circumstances. It’s designed to provide a short term service and we’d expect them to be there for less than a week.” The BOPDHB funded service will be provided by Pathways, a leading provider of community-based mental health and wellbeing services across New Zealand.