Health Family Fall I Winter 2017 - Page 2

contents 10 Happy Fall! September has long been considered a time of new beginnings, but it’s especially true for families. Whether a child is entering school for the first time or starting a new grade, the first couple weeks of school often inspire a mixture of excitement and anxiety. No one understands this more than the health experts at Lifespan, so in this issue of Healthy Family we’ve asked them to offer guidance on everything from kindergarten anxiety to bullying. They also share how to make the busy school week easier for you with healthy after school snack ideas and a delicious slow cook dinner recipe. But along with new environments, friends and chilly weather comes flu season. Don’t break out the chicken noodle soup just yet, though; we have plenty of tips to help keep you and your kids healthy throughout the colder months. Also be sure to check out our news section, which introduces our new physicians who specialize in allergy treatments, as well as our new Mental Health First Aid program. Additionally, Healthy Family features the stories of three brave souls dealing with very different illnesses and disabilities: There’s Duncan, a child who has autism and a love for “Hamilton” lyrics; Daine, a young boy with brittle bone disease and a contagious smile; and Hannah, a teenager who has a new lease on life after overcoming leukemia. So whether you’re gleaning inspiration from the stories of young patients or you’re perusing our experts’ advice, this issue is sure to pave the way for your family’s well-being in the seasons to come. MARGARET M. VAN BREE, MHA , DrPH President, Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital 2     HEALTHY FAMILY l FALL/WINTER 2017 3 Events Calendar Our list of upcoming fundraisers, conferences, workshops and more to keep your family healthy. 4 Wellspring Tips and advice on staying healthy during flu season, overcoming back-to-school anxiety plus ideas for healthy after school snacks. 7 10 feature Mind Over Matter Duncan Volpe gains social skills, self-confidence and coping mechanisms for his autism and anxiety issues. By Nancy Kirsch 13 In the News The latest news and information concerning Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital. Just Keep Swimming 15 GoalReacher Daine Johnson may have a rare form of brittle bone disease, but that won’t stop him from being a regular kid. By Paul Kandarian Innovative chemotherapy treat- ments and bedside manner methods made a tough diagnosis bearable. Have an experience or story you’d like to share with us? Please email us at On the cover: Daine Johnson. Photo by Bill Murphy. feature