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with academics and motivation, said Saletin. The research seeks to “directly link sleep patterns to the brain changes associated with ADHD,” Saletin said, with the hope that it will lead to future treatments based on healthy sleep. The 12-week study is expected to provide a better picture of what sleep looks like and opportunities to use sleep as a potential target in working with kids with ADHD. Ha s b ro C h i l d r e n ’ s H o s pi tal a n d B r a dl e y H o s pital Physician Announcements We lcom e … Amy Funkenstein, MD, attending psychiatrist, Intensive Program for OCD Monica Serrano Gonzalez, MD, pediatric endocrinology ing depression, anxiety, trauma, psy- chosis and addiction disorders. The course teaches participants what to do and where to turn for help. Participants learn how to assess risk, respectfully listen to and support the individual in crisis. They’re also taught to identify appropriate professional help and other supports in a variety of situations, in- cluding panic attacks, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, non-suicidal self-injury, acute psychosis (for example, hallucina- tions or delusions), overdose or with- drawal from alcohol or drug use and reactions to a traumatic event. Classes are open to the public and are offered quarterly. Private classes are also available for organizations that wish to train a group of employees. Specialized modules are available for people who work in higher education or public safety, with military members, veterans and military families, with older adults and those experiencing later-life issues, or with those from rural areas. The program has trained teachers, teacher assistants, daycare staff, admin- 14     HEALTHY FAMILY l FALL/WINTER 2017 istrative staff, case managers, school administrators, business owners, nurses, physicians, attorneys, clergy, college campus security, and others represent- ing dozens of organizations from Rhode Island and surrounding communities. Upon completion of the course, partici- pants are certified in Mental Health First Aid for three years. For more informa- tion, visit B r a dl e y H o s pital Bradley Hospital Receives Grant to Study Link Between Sleep and ADHD Bradley Hospital received $25,000 for a research project entitled “Tracking Real-world Sleep to Predict Brain Matu- ration in a School-sample of ADHD” led by Jared M. Saletin, research associ- ate with Bradley’s Sleep for Science Research Laboratory and PediMIND Research Program. Nearly 10 percent of children are di- agnosed with ADHD, which is often associated with poor sleep — a factor that can exacerbate children’s struggles Katherine Mason, MD, pediatric critical care medicine Mirabelle Mattar, MD, attending psychiatrist, Medical Psychiatric Program Christina Pastorello, MD, attending psychiatrist, Adolescent Inpatient Program Justyna Piasecka, MD, attending psychiatrist, CADD Inpatient Program Kate Elizabeth Powers, DO, pediatric pulmonology Jason Rafferty, MD, attending psychiatrist, Co-Occurring Intensive Outpatient Program Ranna A. Rozenfeld, MD, FAAP, FCCM, pediatric critical care medicine Jack Rusley, MD, MHS, adolescent medicine Konstantina Svokos, MD, pediatric neurosurgery Daniella Teape, MD, pediatric pulmonology Sarah Spencer Welsh, MD, critical care medicine Tao Zheng, MD, allergy and immunology n